Let’s talk about something difficult: Depression and Suicide!

Have you ever felt depressed, I know I have. And sometimes I want to talk about it. Sometimes I want to scream. Sometimes I want to yell. Sometimes I want to shout about it. But all I can do is whisper “I’m fine.” You’re scared to tell people how much it hurts, so you keep it all to yourself. With depression it’s sometimes difficult to create a future, to see beyond. However only you have created your depression, it wasn’t given to you. Therefore only you have the power to overcome this depression. 

Negative thinking patterns are immensely persuasive and can be difficult to change. However I believe that everyone who suffers from depression or has fought it, can overcome it. For me happiness is an ongoing battle, and one I believe I will fight the rest of my life. For me depression comes and goes, I’m not sure what triggers it, however I do know how to combat it (for myself anyways).
People who are depressed don’t fear death, and because of that we have to be proactive in compiling reasons to stick around, we have to find something to live for. That we enjoy. That we can sit with and be present in that very moment. The goodness of candy, the joy of a good movie or tv show, the nuzzle of a furry friend. The words that show acknowledgement and being heard.

I know that this statement will make absolutely no sense to someone who has never been depressed but I am going to say it anyway and risk feeling uncomfortable when I run into someone here who has read this blog: The most difficult thing I will ever do in my lifetime is to not take my life, and I believe I never will.

Netflix has a series called “13 reasons why”, I believe that this story was trying to give a message on bullying, however what I saw was a wrong message about suicide, even glorifying suicide.
Feelings of being lost is not discriminative, it happens to the young or old, rich or poor, any race or creed, anyone with any kind of sexual preference it can happen to anyone,.
For every suicide there are other people who are directly affected by that suicide. Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, wives and husbands, and children and friends! There are people that matter, that are affected by the decision made by the decision to take you own life.
There are people around you or me, or even reading this, that are thinking that maybe the world doesn’t need me, maybe it’s better off without me, to those I say, that is a Lie! I can’t possibly understand what you are going through, or understand the struggles you face. I know that sometimes life sucks, it beats us down, and that’s ok, it’s ok to fail, it’s ok to struggle. I myself have struggled many a time, I have been beaten by life so many times, and I have believed the lie, that maybe I am better off dead, maybe the world doesn’t need me. I realize that I know I belong and I have value. What I know is this, Look around you and know that your life has value look around and see the people who love you and need you around. We can believe the lie, that nobody wants us around or needs us. That is totally not true. We owe it to everybody around us to stick around and fight to live.

This life is hard but it is worth it! You are worth it!
If anybody who is feeling down or have a feeling of being downtrodden, or feel like life can’t go on. I encourage you to SEEK HELP, call friends and family. You are with the fight.
Live long and Prosper! 🖖✌️


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